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Please click here for the list of candidates the Sheet Metal Workers Local 10 have endorsed for your area.




Members Ken Young, Tom Osborne, Ron McGuire and Bob Wewers along with MN Sen Al Franken enjoying the MN state fair while volunteering at the Local 10 booth.


 ATTENTION: Reminder to all Sheet Metal Workers.

Anyone that is sent to a jurisdiction of another local union other than Local 10 by their employer shall report to that local union BEFORE starting work, as per the Constitution Article 16, Section 10 (a). As per the Constitution Article 16, Section 10 (c) those who fail to comply shall be subjected to charges and to a trial by the local of whose jurisdiction the offense was committed.

It is the member’s responsibility to check in, not the employer. Please check in BEFORE you work and contact us if you need help with a number to call.




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