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Memmbers Deb Kukowski, Rachel Alexander, Danna McCutcheon, Melissa Hana, Cassy Stransky, Elizabeth Larson and Kelsey Miller representived Local 10 at the 2017 Women Build Nations conference.  These seven members joined over 1600 building trades union strong women, along with over 125 SMART members for a three day conference.


Local 10 and Local 480 Hold Joint Steward Training

Stewards are at the front line of support for the membership of Local 10 and Local 480. Proper knowledge and training for them has always been important.

International Director of Production Mike LaFave presented valuable information and training for 25 stewards of Local 10 and Local 480 here at the Local 10 meeting hall. Knowledge of grievances reporting,contact understating and workman comp was presented to the stewards.


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The label app protects your jobs, your wages,
and benefits when you scan labels and report
unlabeled product. But it has much more:
Read news you can use
Report jobsite issues   Check the Sheet Metal Job Bank
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Our Union label is a tool for protecting union jobs, wages, and benefits. And it’s an essential tool for enforcing contracts. The labels encourage employers to use union-made prod­ucts. For individual sheet metal workers, it means more work, better pay, and healthier benefits.

 The blue label is used on production products. The yellow label represents building trades products.

Wage equalization removes the incentive for employers to use yellow-label products fabricated by union workers getting lower wage rates. By scanning the labels to report which shop produced a product, everyone in the process from fabricators to installers gets the highest average crew cost rate.

Everyone benefits from wage equalization. From a fab­ricator in a lower-rate local who gets a boost in pay from wage equalization benefits to the higher-rate sheet metal workers by removing the incentive contractors have to look for fabricated products from areas with a lower average crew cost. Otherwise, contractors could pursue a race to the bottom that puts pressure on all locals to accept lower wages.

For more information: smart-label-toolkit





Why "Right to Work" is Wrong for Workers

 Click here: Understanding what Right To Work is

Fomer Secretary of Labor Robert Reich gives a short video on why RTW is wrong.Click the link below.




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