Benefit Programs

There are many benefits/program available to you as a participant in the Health Fund:  TEAM, Healthy Start, Stop Smoking, Center for Diagnostic Imaging, Physicians Neck & Back Clinics, EPIC & 90 Day Rx.   

Do you have personal problems that you need help with?  Contact TEAM

T.E.A.M. is an employee assistance program that provides a variety of services to assist employees and their family members with their personal problems, both large and small, that interfere with their day-to-day activities including work performance.  Call them if you have questions or are struggling with any issues that include but are not limited to:

Any contact or discussions are completely confidential

TEAM Pic.png


700 Transfer Road

St Paul, MN 55114

Local: (651) 642-0182

Toll Free: 1 (800) 634-7710


Click here for TEAM's Complete Services Informational Flyer:     TEAM FLYER.doc

TEAM Newsletter Summer 2016.pdf


Are you pregnant or planning a pregnancy?  Contact Blue Cross Blue Shield Healthy Start Prenantal: 

Healthy Start is a personalized phone and mail based prenatal support program for expectant mothers.  Mothers who receive consistent prenatal care are more likely to have healthier babies.  Specially trained Registered Nurses educate and work with the expectant mother to help her achieve a normal full term delivery.


If you enroll in this program, you can save yourself money (waiver of 20% co-insurance) and help the Sheet Metal #10 benefit Fund control health care costs.

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To enroll in this program, simply call:

Blue Cross Blue Shield Healthy Start Prenatal Support

Local: (651) 662-1818

Toll Free: 1 (866) 489-6948


Are you ready to quit smoking?  Contact the Blue Cross Blue Shield Stop Smoking - Quit for Life Program: 

In just 15 minutes, a Quit Coach will develop a quit plan with you, based on how long you’ve been smoking and any experiences you’ve had trying to quit. When you’re ready, you’ll schedule brief phone calls at times that work for you. Plus, you can call anytime for additional support.  This program includes quit aids, such as lozenges, gum, the patch, etc.



To enroll in this program, simple call:

Toll free 1 (888) 662-BLUE (2583)


Or click here and enroll online:


Can I go to any doctor? 

You can go to any doctor you choose however, you are strongly urged to use the funds preferred provider organization Blue Cross Blue Shield.  Generally a BCBS provider will result in lower costs for both you and the Fund.

To find a participating Blue Cross and/or Blue Shield Provider:

 Do you require Dental Services?

You can go to any dentist you choose however, you are strongly urged to use the funds preferred provider organization Delta Dental.  Generally a Delta Dental provider will result in lower costs for both you and the Fund.

To find a participating Dental PPO Participating Dentist:


          Flyers: Oral Health Overall Health.pdf
                       Better Health Through the Ages.pdf

Have you been advised that you need diagnostic imaging such as an MRI?  If so contact CDI:

You can save yourself money (waiver of 20% co-insurance) and help the Sheet Metal #10 Benefit Fund control health care costs by using a preferred imaging partner, Center for Diagnostic Imaging (CDI), when you need diagnostic or therapeutic imaging services such as MRI, Open Upright MRI, CT or Digital Mammography. 

CDI provides high quality imaging and uses specialized radiologists to ensure that your images are being read by experts in the area of your body that is being imaged. CDI also specializes in injections for the diagnosis and treatment of back and joint pain.  Be sure to tell your doctor you want to go to CDI for your imaging and injection needs.


CDI has an appointment line dedicated to union members. Simply call:

CDI (Center for Diagnostic Imaging)

Toll Free: 1 (866) 765-7138 to schedule an appointment today.


Click here for the CDI informational Flyer:  CDI Flyer 2017.pdf

Are you due for a Mammogram?

Click here for the CDI Mammogram Night Flyer:  Mammograms & More 2017 Schedule.bmp


Before you have surgery, visit the Physicians Neck & Back Clinics: 

You can save yourself money (waiver of 20% co-insurance) and help the Sheet Metal #10 Benefit Fund control health care costs by using a preferred provider, Physicians Neck & Back (PNBC).   PNBC offer a non-surgical approach to spinal care of patients with chronic back and neck conditions.


For an appointment at a P N B C clinic in your area, simply call:


Physicians Neck & Back Clinics

Local: (651) 735-BACK (2225)

Click here for the PNBC Informational Flyer:  PNBC Flyer.pdf


Do you have symptoms of hearing loss?  Contact EPIC Hearing Healthcare:

EPIC's Hearing Service Plan offers you a national alliance of independent ear physicians and audiologists dedicated to high-quality hearing care.  The EPIC benefit ensures substantial savings

EPIC Logo.jpg 

EPIC Hearing Healthcare

3191 W. Temple Ave. Ste 200

Pomona, CA 91768

Toll Free: 1 (866) 956-5400

Hearing Impaired:  Call 711 for the National Relay Service

Click here for the EPIC Informational Flyer:   EPIC Flyer.pdf


Do you have a chronic Medical Condition treated with long-term medications?  The 90 Day Rx can help you save money:

90 Day Rx:

Prescription drugs can be expensive.  If you have a chronic medical condition, such as high cholesterol, asthma, or diabetes, it is likely that you are taking long-term medications to improve your health.  The 90dayRx program is a great way for you and the Plan to save money each time you refill your maintenance medications by taking advantage of special discount pricing, and no dispensing fees, at certain retail pharmacies when you order a three-month supply. 

Click here for the 90 Day Rx Informational Flyer:  90dayRX Flyer.pdf


You will receive close collaboration and consultation with real people who will keep your long-term population health goals and objectives always in the forefront. We propel ourselves with a mission to empower individuals to live healthier and longer. 


Stress and Heart Disease Flyer: Stress Can Increase Your Risk for Heart Disease.docx


2016 Monthly Newsletters

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Doctor on Demand is an independent company providing telehealth services. Doctor On Demand operates subject to state laws. BlueLink TPA is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross® and Blue Shield® Association serving residents and businesses of Minnesota.

Doctor On Demand operates subject to state laws. As of 8/21/15, Doctor On Demand offers behavioral healthcare in all 50 states, and medical care in 47 states (not currently available in AK, AR and LA). Doctor On Demand is not intended to replace an annual, in-person visit with a primary care physician. *Doctor On Demand physicians do not prescribe Scheduled I-IV DEA Controlled Substances, and may elect not to treat or prescribe other medications based on what is clinically appropriate.


Doctor on Demand Flyer:  Doctor on Demand Flyer.pdf