These lists are for those individuals who have been FORFEITED and not paid any dues for at least (4) four months. They shall reinstate with the union before becoming member.  


North Dakota

Brandt, Jermaine W Laney's
Brewster, Finnion Laney's
Bykonen, Darrett Robert Gibbs
Cardwell, Corbin Peterson SM
Eystad, Trevor Laney's
Phillips, Marc Laney's
Selman, Safar Laney's
Silverston, Justin DMF
Strayer, Steve Laney's
Treiber, Brian W Laney's
Wang, Christopher D Laney's


South Dakota

Arens, Chad  Baete Forseth
Cahoy, Jon  Baete Forseth
Cramer, Ethan  Baete Forseth
Dewit, Chandler  Baete Forseth
Feyereisen  Tessiers
Hopkins, Charles  Baete Forseth
Hopkins, Darran  Baete Forseth
Larson, Brandon  Baete Forseth
Muntefering, Matt  Tessiers
Norburg, Justin  Tessiers
O'Connor-Collins, Jacob  Tessiers
Polanec, Nick  Baete Forseth
Quintus, Brad  Tessiers
Radde, Robert  Tessiers
Radlinger, Brian  Baete Forseth
Stegenga, Blane  Baete Forseth
Strable, Mikael  Baete Forseth
Stratton , Bret  Tessiers
Tellinghuisen,Jason  Baete Forseth
Theisen, Bradley  Baete Forseth
Theisen, Brandon  Baete Forseth
Walton, Cassidy  Tessiers