These lists are for those individuals who have been FORFEITED and not paid any dues for at least (4) four months. They shall reinstate with the union before becoming member.  


North Dakota

Brandt, Jermaine W Laney's
Burslie, Tyler Laney's
Isaacson, Joshua Laney's
Jankowski, Jonathan K Laney's
Johnson, Eric Laney's
Koehmstedt, Kelly L. Robert Gibbs
Matthiesen, Justin Laney's
Ness, Charles P. DMF
Phillips, Marc Laney's
Selman, Safar Laney's
Treiber, Brian W Laney's
Wang, Christopher D Laney's


Groze, Ahney IWR

South Dakota

Anderson, Dillion  Tessiers
Buckley, Jabari  Krier & Blain
Chrisman, joshua  Bate Forseth
Dickmeyer, Matt  Tessiers
Grosz, Levi  Tessiers
Groth, Erick  Bate Forseth
Herman, Dillin  Bate Forseth
Hruska, Damon  Bate Forseth
Knock, Carl  Tessiers
Lobbins, Doug  Tessiers
Mahaffy, Terry  Tessiers
Meagher, Derek  Bate Forseth
Myers, Camden  Tessiers
Ott, Wesley  Bate Forseth
Parke, Mckenna  Bate Forseth
Tellinghuisen, Jason
 Bate Forseth
Thompson, Tyrell  Tessiers
Walton, Cassidy  Tessiers
Wingert, Kevin  Bate Forseth
 Zumba, Jordan  Tessiers