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About North Dakota Contract Area

Local 10 North Dakota contract area encompasses the entire state of North Dakota along with nine counties of western Minnesota. Three separate union contracts are split between this largest geographical area of Local 10. The type of work being done by Union Sheet Metal Workers is varied and includes architectural, commercial HVAC, industrial, residential installation and TAB. Varied industries that the Union Sheet Metal Wokers serve cross the three contract areas from the rich farm lands on the east side to the oil fields on the west side. Quality work is performed on public, commercial, industrial, and residential projects. Our Union Sheet Metal Workers are employed through the many quality contractors signatory to Local 10.

North Dakota Area Sheet Metal Training


In spite of technological changes, the Sheet Metal Worker remains nearly the only building tradesperson to start with raw materials, custom-make complex systems, and then install them. He/she can transform flat sheets of metal into any size or shape that is required by working from a blueprint or verbal instructions. Being a Sheet Metal Worker involves the fabrication, erection, installation, repairing, replacing and servicing of all residential heating and air conditioning systems and the architectural sheet metal work on such residences.

Workers will gain a knowledge of heating, cooling and ventilation systems, techniques of welding, and the functions of compressors and condensers in the refrigeration cycle. Includes areas such as solar installation, hoisting and rigging, soldering, and energy management and retrofitting of environmental systems.

The three main concepts used for making sheet metal patterns require knowledge of triangulation, radial line and parallel line development.

Most people consider the term "air conditioning" to merely imply cooling the air. But air conditioning is much more comprehensive when the term "conditioning the air" is used. 

Sheet Metal Workers help provide these types of systems, which heat, cool, and ventilate - providing a completely controlled environment.

The Sheet Metal Workers also helps provide systems that will safety remove fumes, dust, smoke, heat, odors, carbon dioxide and other dangerous contaminants to combat this situation.

Many Sheet Metal Workers also have an important role due to the large amount of sheet metal work that goes into sign making, hospital and restaurant equipment, aircraft and shipbuilding.

In addition, the knowledge and skill of the Sheet Metal Worker is needed by other industries in products requiring sheet metal work.

A booklet can be requested from our main office or the designated area Apprenticeship Coordinator.

Applications for apprenticeship are taken year-round.  Contact Nick Murphy for more information 


North Dakota 
Apprentice starts at a percentage of the wage earned by a journeyperson. He/She will receive an increase every 2,000 hours worked until reaching the end of the 8,000 hours in the Bismarck/Minot contract area and at an increase of every 1000 hours worked until reaching the 8,000 hour mark in the Grand Forks and Fargo contract area.  By then he/she will be at a set percentage of 76 - 93% (depending on contract area) and upon completion of the program will be placed at 100% of the journeyperson's rate. 

You are required to become a union dues paying member.  For more information  Click here .



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Contact Information

Business Representative: Nick Murphy

1323 E Front Ave # 10,                          Bismarck, ND 58504                             

Cell: (701) 595-4203 


Wage Rates

Effective June 1, 2021 - June 5, 2022
Fargo Commercial & Industrial  Fargo Commercial and Industrial 6-1-21

Effective June 7, 2021 - June 5, 2022
Grand Forks Commercial & Residential   Grand Forks Commercial 6-7-2021

Grand Forks Industrial  Grand Forks Industrial 6-7-2021

Effective June 1, 2021 - June 5, 2022
Bismarck/Minot Commercial & ResidentialBismarck Minot Comm 6-1-21

Bismarck/Minot Industrial  Bismarck Minot Industrial 6-1-21


Membership Meetings:

FARGO, 2nd Wedensday Even month @ 6:30 pm Fargo Labor Temple

GRAND FORKS, 2nd Tuesday Even months @ 6:30 pm Electricians Hall

BISMARK, 2nd Wedensday Odd month @ 6:30 pm Bismark Labor Temple

MINOT, 2nd Tuesday Odd months @ 6:30 pm Badlands Grill House






Training Coordinator: Nick Murphy

1323 E Front Ave # 5,                         Bismarck, ND 58504                             

Cell: (701) 595-4203 




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