Open Enrollment for Active Participants


The month of November is the open enrollment period for those specific Sheet Metal Workers that are offered a choice in their Plan and/or for Single or Family Coverage as applicable to their contract area.  An election option is in very limited contract areas.  Forms will be mailed to individuals, but if you have any questions or have not received your form by November 1st, please contact Sarah Quast at the Sheet Metal Benefit Office at (651) 770-0991 ext 407 or via email

Any change in the amount your employer contributes for your health insurance will result in a corresponding increase or decrease in taxable base pay.  It is important for you to understand how an election change can affect your wages.  Therefore, you should carefully review the material sent out during Open Enrollment.



RATES Contribution Rate Premium Amount
Plan A Family $10.66 $1,545
Plan A Single $  9.16 $1,328
Plan B Family $  7.99 $1,158
Plan B Single $  3.48 $   504


Individual Rate Family Rate
Plan A Annual Deductible $145 $1,160
Plan A Annual Out of Pocket $435 $3,480
Plan B Annual Deductible $645 $1,935
Plan B Annual Out of Pocket $1,935 $5,805


Please Note:  A change in coverage plan or type will result in a change in your taxable base.  Please click on your applicable contract area link below to view the Taxable Base and Total Package information for your area:
Metro Minnesota
Central Minnesota
Northern Minnesota
Southern Minnesota
North Dakota
South Dakota