Please contact Joel Rasmussen  for all Production contract questions and information on Production lay-off, medical leave, or Workers Compensation.


Direct Dial: 651-366-6417 / Cell (763) 957-0618


 Local 10 Grievance Appeals procedure .pdf

Members can access their Retirement Accounts through this website

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Alerus Retirement Solutions / Pension Contact & 401(k) Account Administrator:
Lucia Stubbs
Office 651-746-6137

Alerus Retirement Solutions / Collectively Bargained Employer contributions
Dan Wilson
Office 651-746-6062

Alerus Financial
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St. Paul, Minnesota 55164-0533

As Union Members we are all responsible for our own Union Dues.  Please make sure that they are paid on time and are up to date.

Production Union Dues

Medical Disability

If you are going to be off work on Medical Disability, you may be eligible for Disability Dues of $23.00 per month. To be eligible you need to have your dues paid through the current month, going to be off for more than four (4) months and these dues need to be paid by you the member. Before this can happen, you will need to contact Melissa at 651-366-6410 in the Union Office.

Withdrawal card
You may be eligible take a withdrawal card while you are out of work through a layoff.  To be eligible you need to have your dues paid through the current month of this request, going to be off for more than two (2) months and these dues need to be paid by you the member. There is a $5.00 fee for the card up front from you and from then on, it is $5.00 per month (payable for one year at a time). Once you return to work you must inform the Union office and you would deposit the withdraw card back to the Union, pay $25.00 and the current months dues. You would be credited for any month that you have paid in advance. When on a Withdraw your status of continued service with the International Union will revert to zero until you reinstate your membership. If you want to take a Withdraw Card, you will need to contact Melissa at 651-366-6410 in the Union Office.

Suspension of Forfeit of dues
When your dues are not paid for two (2) consecutive months, you will be suspended for non-payment of union dues. To become current again you would owe all past dues and a reinstatement fee of $45.00. Forfeiture of membership happens when you have not paid four (4) of more months of dues. Once this happens you are not allowed to work until this has been corrected with payment of past dues and a fee of $45.00. Please contact Melissa at 651-366-6410 in the Union Office.


Please keep our office updated with your current address. 

Melissa Mason-Fink
Direct Dial: 651-366-6410


Production Locations:

Atlas Manufacturing    2950 Weeks Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414   612-331-2566 - Union Steward - Josh Passenheim
Bernard Dalsin Mfg    5205 208th St, Farmington, MN 55024   651-460-1080 - Union Steward -
Chappell Central, Inc   2101 NW Gorton Ave, Willmar, MN 56201   320-235-2151 - Union Steward -Andy Bomstad
Industrial Louvers   511 S 7th St, Delano, MN 55328   763-479-3168 - Union Steward - Adam Esler
Innovent/Unison   60 28th Ave N, Minneapolis, MN 55414   612-877-4800 - Union Stewards - Brian Ashbach, Dennis Hastings, Eric Bangar
Jones Metal Products   3201 Third Ave, Mankato, MN 56001   507-625-4436 - Union Steward - Joshua Wakefield
Jones Sign Co.  1065 Phalen Blvd., Suite 100 St Paul MN 55106 651-488-6711 - Union Steward - Shawn Lachman
Midwest Ducts  780 River Ave, Prairie Farm, WI 54762   715-455-1969 - Union Steward - Toynia Olson
Next Day Gourmet/US Foods    520 W. County Rd D, New Brighton, MN 55112   651-636-1110 - Union Steward - Matt Grostyan
Hilton-Doubletree Hotel  2540 Cleveland Ave, Roseville, MN 55113 651- 636-4567 Union Steward - Dwaine Pettygrove
Seelye Craftsmen    2220 Fernbrook Ln, Plymouth, MN 55447   763-577-0700 - Union Steward - Brent Holmstrom
Snappy Air Distribution    1011 11th Ave SE, Detroit Lakes, MN 56501   218-847-4472 - Union Steward - Gary Bennett          
Chandler Industries    260 Plymouth Ave N, Minneapolis, MN 55411   612-339-8261 - Union Steward - Dave Bright & Curt Anderson
Viking Materials    3225 Como Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414   612-617-5800 - Union Steward - Terry Eide
Production Representative: Joel Rasmussen
Direct Dial: 651-366-6417 Cell: 763-957-0618