Sheet Metal #10 Benefit Fund - Retiree Coverage


When you retire, you may have the option to elect Retiree health coverage for you and your dependents.  

Contact the Benefit Office when you are planning on retiring so we can assist in enrolling you in the Retiree Plan.  Your individual dollar bank balance and SAFE account will be used respectively to maintain your Retiree coverage.

You must meet the following eligibility requirements:  

                Thinking of Retiring.pdf

          1).  Made written application to the Board of Trustees within 31 days following the date of your active coverage under this

                Plan ends following your Date of Retirement;  

          2).  Are eligible to receive a pension from one of the following: the Sheet Metal Workers Local #10 Pension Fund, the Sheet

                Metal Local #10 Supplemental Retirement Fund and/or the Sheet Metal Workers National Pension Fund;   

          3).  Had at least 11,500 hours of contributions paid to the Plan immediately preceding retirement.

If you are a are a Non-Bargaining Unit Employee, then you must have eighty-two (82) months of coverage reported to the Fund before you retire.  In addition to making timely application.

Please review the Summary Plan Description and Summary Material Modifications for information regarding rules and coverage for the Retiree Plan.

Please click here for the Retiree Summary Plan Description:  Retiree Summary Plan Description 2018

(The Summary Plan Description provides a detailed description of the eligibility requirements for coverage and the benefits provided through the health fund.  If you view this document make sure you also review the Summary of Material Modifications)

Please click here for the Retiree Summary Plan Material Modifications:     Reitree SMMs as of 12.2020.pdf

(The Summary of Material Modifications include any changes made to the Fund since the Summary Plan Description was last printed)

The Blue Cross Blue Shield Network is also the discount network used by the Retiree Plan.  

Please click here for Instructions for finding a Blue Cross Blue Shield Provider:  Instructions to Find a BCBS Provider.pdf

DELTA DENTAL: If you are enrolled in Delta Dental and have questions about your network or coverage.  Please call (651) 406-5916.