Sheet Metal #10 SAFE Fund

The Sheet Metal #10 SAFE Plan became effective in July 2002, although not all contract areas participate (please reference your contract areas Collective Bargained Agreement (CBA)). This Plan is intended to provide benefits for a participant that is unemployed to help maintain active or retiree health coverage through the Sheet Metal #10 Benefit Fund, and/or as a supplement to unemployment benefits or short term disability through the Sheet Metal #10 Benefit Fund.

Please see the summary below of the Benefits available as well as access to the necessary applications and or procedures.

SAFE Unemployment Benefit:

If you are receiving state unemployment compensation benefits, you may be eligible to receive the Supplemental Unemployment Benefit.  This income is taxable and you will need to complete the SAFE unemployment forms.  The Minnesota Department of Employment has gone paperless with unemployment benefits. The Unemployment Benefit from the Sheet Metal #10 SAFE Plan requires the documentation of your unemployment payment information which can be access through the MN Unemployement website  Please see the link below for the SAFE Fund Rules and Application.   

1).             The Supplemental Unemployment Benefit amount is $230 for each week for which you are eligible for State unemployment

                  benefits, including you waiting week with the state. 

2).             Supplemental Unemployment Benefits will continue after your State unemployment benefits are exhausted if you are still

                 laid off and available for work. 

3).             If you are an apprentice, rotated by the apprentice committee and laid off from work by your new employer, you may also

                 be eligible to receive this benefit even if you have not accumulated enough working week credits with your new employer

                 to become eligible for State unemployment benefits.

Health Coverage:
Your SAFE Plan individual account can also be used to maintain health coverage in the Sheet Metal #10 Benefit Fund. You will be notified by the Health Fund if you become ineligible and this benefit option will be provided.

Other benefits include Supplemental Disability Benefit and Retiree Health Coverage.  For a complete explanation of the rules and all the benefits available please see the Summary Plan Description link below.

SAFE Unemployement Instructions & Application:     

Please click here to print/view the SAFE Fund Unemployment Instructions:                    SAFE Unemployment Instructions.pdf

Please click here to print/view the SAFE Unemployment Application:                              2021 SAFE Unemployment Application.pdf


SAFE Supplementary Disability Benefit Application:

Please click here to print/view the SAFE Fund Supplementary Disability Application:     2021 SAFE Disability Application.pdf

SAFE Severance Benefit Application: 

(For former participants who have had no contributions to the Plan for 12 consecutive months and who are not employed in the construction industry)

Please click here to print/view the Severance Benefit Application:   2021 SAFE Severance Application.pdf

Summary Plan Description:
This document will provide a summary of the benefits provided by the Plan.  Please click on the link below for the latest version of the Summary Plan Description (SPD).  You can also contact the Fund Office at (651) 770-0991 to request that a document be mailed to you.

Please click here to print/view the SAFE Fund Summary Plan Description:   SAFE Fund Summary Plan Description

(The Summary Plan Description provides a detailed description of the eligibility requirements for coverage and the benefits provided through the health fund.)


If you are unable to print any SAFE Plan forms and or instructions, please contact the Fund Office at (651) 770-0991 ext 406 and request the applicable forms be mailed to you.