SAFE Fund Plan Documents


SAFE Unemployement Rules & Application: 

 Please click here to print/view the SAFE Fund Rules & Application:  2017 SAFE Fund Unemployment Application and Instructions.pdf


SAFE Supplementary Disability Benefit Application:

Please click here to print/view the SAFE Fund Supplementary Disability Application:   SAFE Plan Supplemental Disability Benefit Application 2017.pdf


SAFE Severance Benefit Application: 

 (For former participants who have had no contributions to the Plan for 12 consecutive months and who are not employed in the construction industry)

 Please click here to print/view the Severance Benefit Application: Severance Benefit Application 2017.pdf


Summary Plan Description:
This document will provide a summary of the benefits provided by the Plan.  Please click on the link below for the latest version of the Summary Plan Description (SPD).  You can also contact the Fund Office at (651) 770-0991 to request that a document be mailed to you.


Please click here to print/view the SAFE Fund Summary Plan Description:   SAFE Fund Summary Plan Description

(The Summary Plan Description provides a detailed description of the eligibility requirements for coverage and the benefits provided through the health fund.)