Sheet Metal Local 10 Supplemental Retirement Fund


The Sheet Metal Local 10 Supplemental Retirement Fund was created to help provide financial security to you and your family upon your retirement, death, or disability.  The benefits provided by the Plan are funded by employer contributions for workers covered by various sheet metal collective bargaining agreements.  This Plan is a defined contribution pension plan that provides for an available balance upon retirement.  

This is a self directed investment account and therefore requires your attention in order to take control of your retirement future.

Wells Fargo is the record keeper for this Fund.  You may contact them online at or at (866) LOCAL10 ((866) 562-2510). 


Access and Manageing your Supplemental Retirement Fund account online or via phone: 

Please click here to print/view the instructions on how to access and manage your SRF:  SRF Managing & Accessing Your Account Flyer.pdf

Individual Account Balance:

You are mailed a quarterly statement from Wells Fargo.  Please locate this document or contact Wells Fargo at 1 (866)-LOCAL10 ((866) 562-2510) if you cannot find it or need more up to date information.

Please click here to print/view the flyer to help you better read and understand your Quarterly SRF Statement:  SRF Help Reading your Quarterly Statements Flyer.pdf

Investment Options, Distribution Rules and/or Requests:
Can all be found by contacting Wells Fargo at 1 (866) 562-2510 or go to their website at

Please click here to print/view the Online Tools & Better Investment Flyers for the SRF:  SRF Online Tools & Better Investment Flyers.pdf

There are limited options on accessing your account prior to retirement age, but please review the information below:

If you believe you are eligible for a distribution and would like to request a distribution please download the following first three documents:

Rules for Withdrawal of Individual Accounts:

Please click here for the SRF Withdrawal of Individual Account Rules:  SRF Rules for Withdrawal of Individual Accounts.pdf

Summary Plan Description:
This document will provide a summary of the benefits provided by the Plan.  Please click on the link below for the latest version of the Summary Plan Description (SPD).  You can also contact the Fund Office at (651) 770-0991 to request that a document be mailed to you.

Please click here to print/view the Supplemental Retirement Summary Plan Description:   SRF 1 2016 SPD.pdf

(The Summary Plan Description provides a detailed description of the eligibility requirements for coverage and the benefits provided through the health fund)

Please click here to view the video presentation of Wells Fargo/SRF Eduction Seminar from fall 2013: