Union Dues Starting January 1st 2019

Metro Area Commercial Journeyman $129.00
Duluth Area Commercial Journeyman $116.00
St. Cloud Area Commercial Journeyman $117.00
Iron Range Area Commercial Journeyman $112.00
Rochester Area Commercial Journeyman $109.00
Brainerd Area Commercial Journeyman $112.00
Willmar Area Commercial Journeyman $105.00
Winona Area Commercial Journeyman $104.00
Mankato Area Commercial Journeyman $100.00
All Other Area Commercial Journeyman $98.00
Organized Journeyman $82.00
Architectural Specialist $88.00
City Inspectors SP $79.00
City Inspectors Mpls $79.00
Metro Comm Apprentice $67.00
Duluth Comm Apprentice $67.00
St. Cloud Comm Apprentice $67.00
Iron Range Comm Apprentice $67.00
Brainerd Comm Apprentice $67.00
Willmar Comm Apprentice $67.00
All Other Comm Apprentice $65.00
Commercial Pre-Apprentice $42.00
Architectural Pre-Apprentice $42.00
Residential Metro Area Journeyman $75.00
Residential Duluth Area Journeyman $73.00
Residential St. Cloud Area Journeyman $73.00
Residential Iron Range Area Journeyman $73.00
Residential Rochester Area Journeyman $73.00
Residential Brainerd Area Journeyman $73.00
Residential Willmar Area Journeyman $73.00
All Other Residential Journeyman $69.00
Metro Residential Apprentice $42.00
All Other Residential Apprentice $42.00
Architectural Spec Apprentice $67.00
Residential Pre-Apprentice $42.00
Metal Trades - Duluth $45.00
Sign Hangers $80.00
Sign Maintenance $65.00
Retired $21.00
Retired NoFB $19.75
Disabled $23.00
Disabled - Production $22.00
Limited $5.40
Withdrawal Card $60.00 / year
Special Limited $1.25
Production $45.00
Midwest Ducts $28.00
Inovent $36.00
Hotel Workers $15.00
Hotel Workers $20.00

Mail Dues to:

1681 E Cope Avenue
Maplewood, MN 55109

To pay dues online:


Click above and follow the instruction below.

Go to the OFFICIAL PAYMENTS website, click Local Payments, select Minnesota, select Payment Entity and then select Payment Type. Please remember to add both your first and last name.

All payments recieved will be posted the next business day.

 * Please note if you are paying your dues for the very first time, please call 651-366-6411

Am I billed for my dues?
No, you are not billed. It is your responsibility to make sure your dues are paid on time.

When are my union dues due?

Your dues should be paid one month in advance.
Example: If you are paying for January dues they are to be received in the office by December 31st.

As per the SMART Constitution, failure to pay dues in any two (2) consecutive months will result in suspension of membership.

Forfeit of Membership
Once you have gone Suspended and have not reinstated as per the constitution, you will be forfeited and will no longer be a member. You must call our Financial Secretary, Mike McCauley. at 651-366-6409 to be reinstated. You cannot work once you have gone forfeit, therefore you must be reinitiated.

Automatic Dues Deduction from the Credit Union: Your dues may be taken out of the Credit Union automatically.  Please call your Credit Union to sign up. This will not come out a Vacation Account unless you authorize it at the Credit Union. Employers may take dues from your check and deposit it into your account or they can pay the Union Hall directly. These must be in by the 15th of each month.

Withdrawal Card:  Application for withdraw cards shall be accompanied by payment of all dues and financial obligations due to the union, plus $50.00. Members on withdrawal cards shall pay dues at the rate of $60.00 per year; said dues to be paid in advance on or before the first of the day of the year.