Job Targeting Fund and its purpose

The Job Targeting Fund is a fund made up of union dues on the members of SMART Local Union No. 10. The Fund is comprised solely of Union member contributions and is administered solely for the purpose of mitigating the economic impact on persons who work jobs where wage modifications may be put in place by the Business Manager of the Local Union pursuant to Resolution 78. Whether an employer receives any monies from the Job Targeting Fund is solely within the discretion of the Business Manager/Local Union, and any commitment made by The Local to provide monies out of this Fund to any contractor shall be non-binding upon him or the Union and may be cancelled, modified or discontinued at any time for any reason.

Procedures to secure Job Targeting Funding:

The contractor must submit a request for funding using the Market Recovery Request form three (3) days PRIOR to the bid date. It is the responsibility of the contractor to provide all data necessary for Local 10 to decide whether or not to extend funding. It shall not be the responsibility of the Union Business Manager or the Union Business Representative(s) to obtain or collect this information. Applications will be closed on that date, and no late applications will be accepted except upon the express consent of the Business Manager.

Contractor Eligibility:

In order to receive Market Recovery Funding, a contractor must   ;

  1. Be a signatory contractor of the Sheet Metal Workers Local No. 10 Collective Bargaining Agreements. / or agree to become signatory to the current collective bargaining agreement.
  2. Have a current fringe benefit file at the Fund Office.
  3. Be current to all fringe benefit reports and funds and be remitted by the 10th day of the following month for which benefits are due.
  4. Have submitted the proper Market Recovery / Resolution 78 request forms, fully  completed and forwarded to the Market Recovery Fund Office and be received prior to the bid date.
  5. Forward time sheets MR-2 to the Market Recovery Fund Office. Either by email @ marketrecovery@smw10.org or through the mail to the main office; Attention Market Recovery 1681 E. Cope Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55109, by the 15th day of the month following the month for which they are reporting. Failure to send these time sheets will mean a delay in payment to the contractor. Payments will only be made upon completion of the targeted job unless special arrangements are made ahead and only under unusual circumstances.
  6. Submit bid results
  7. Submit an Union Work Assignment
  8. Should any contractor be found sub-contracting any work claimed by the International Association of SMART on that project, Market Recovery funding will be cancelled.



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Market Recovery request form.pdf

MR-2 time sheet.pdf