Minneapolis Public Schools and Sheet Metal Local 10 partnered together to add a new welding shop to Roosevelt High School. After many years of removing trade shops from the high schools, the trend is changing and adding this new welding shop is a start. The new shop includes eighteen welding booths with wire feed welders, eight cutting torch stations, a small CNC cutter and multiple computer virtual welding stations. Three new exhaust systems were added with all new ducts to each of the booths and cutting stations. The existing HVAC systems were also modified to achieve a safe learning environment for the students. Members Larry Larson, Larry Donovan and Forman Clay Larson were able to coordinate and work with Minneapolis Schools and turn a old storage room into opportunity for a new generation of workers.    


booths.JPG duct2.JPG duct.JPG members.JPG duct3.JPG weld booth.JPG wall.JPG plaque.JPG outside.JPG welder.JPG